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The purpose of the treatment is to stop a degradation process and to stabilize
the conditions of the object. The purpose is also meant to recover the original
appearance while respecting those alterations that, over time, have become constitutive
parts of the object itself. Reversibility and "traceability" of interventions are the golden rules.

The golden or multi-coloured layers will be secured, and the constitutive parts
of the object will be consolidated. Broken fragments will be reassembled, or replaced
only when supported by sufficient informative data. The parts in wood will receive
preventive and/or curative treatment against insects and fungi. Whitewashes will be
removed after having carefully tested and determined the layers of polychrome or
any further retouching. The retouching will be limited to the minimum possible amount.
Losses in the gilded parts will be filled with the stucco and re-gilded
(with gold leaf or gold dust), and the fittings will be given a patina.

Examples of restored polychrome objects :
Spheres , screens , barometers , compasses , signs, statues, globes , masks ..