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For the restoration of contemporary art, Hélène de Segogne ensures respect
to the choices made by the artists by asking them, when possible, about what values
and intentions they wanted to represent through their works. Before any intervention,
she studies carefully the materials and the technic used by the artist.

Some examples of modern and contemporary artists whose works
were restored by Hélène de Segogne :

Jean Michel Alberola, Pierre Ambrogiani, Cyprien Eugene Boulet,
André Brasilier, Bernard Buffet, Cardenas, Contencin, Jean Dunand,
Ary Jacques, Hartung, Helleu, Hénault, Ulrich Lanfuss, Lekarsky,
Robert Longo, André Maire, André Masson, Mandin, Georges Mathieu,
Malcom Morley, Misstic, Raingo-Pelouse , Wilhem Sasnal, Jean Souverbie,
Tal Coat,Tobeen, Tsingos, Ulloa, Vasquez, Angel Zarraga.